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Donna Dawson is a psychologist specialising in Personality and Behaviour (BA Hons, MSc), who has gained her credentials at the prestigious Brandeis University (Massachusetts, USA), Manchester University (England), and Goldsmiths College, University of London. She covers a wide variety of subject mater to explain how a person's behaviour and choices reflect back on their personality, including money habits, food choices, colour preference, and other lifestyle choices. Donna advises large consumer-oriented companies on the creation of lifestyle surveys as well as analysing the results, producing reports, quotes, personality types, quizzes and convention speeches where required.

Donna is also well-known in the media as an Agony Aunt and relationships expert, giving advice on love, life, sex and health issues on radio, television, and in national magazines (She was with COMPANY magazine for ten years, and she featured on "The Agony Hour", the first British show of its kind, on UK Living TV for five years). She was also an advisor to PARENTS magazine, giving advice to parents on children aged under five. Donna also writes health and medical articles, and is the author of the book "Female Cancers: The Treatment Options" (Piatkus).

Donna had her own counselling radio show on LBC Radio for a year (LBC Radio), and she is often invited to take part in various debates and discussions on a range of social issues on both national television and radio. Donna has appeared on 'This Morning', BBLB ("Big Brother's Little Brother"), Channel Five News, BBC World News, BBC News 24, London Tonight and SKY News, The Heaven and Earth Show, The Wright Stuff, BBC Radio Five Live, and BBC Radio Wales. She is often asked to present lifestyle survey results to the media through radio interviews and television appearances.

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